April 10, 2017


 “I am realizing how I spend time learning what’s next, instead of using all of me more!”

Those earlier words by a trusted colleague stopped me in my tracks.  His words reminded me once again of the importance of balance, in particular, the balance between learning and application.

For me, the bridge between learning and application occurs in the moments that I unplug, unplug from the daily routine and take time to integrate.

Being busy is seductive, especially when it is in service to building a business, creating a relationship, or in broad strokes, having a life. But too much of anything can be too much.

I have a small laminated plaque hanging from the lamp next to my recliner. Written on the plaque is the word “Breathe…” It serves as a reminder, to stop and take a moment to consciously breathe. And in the conscious breath, in … then out, there is the pause…to reflect, to integrate, and to be.

So I am wondering, am I the only one who wants to enjoy the abundance of riches and maintain balance?  If not, I am wondering what others do in these instances. What methods do you use to stay in balance, or to reclaim your balance?

Another thing that I do is occasionally take a weekend away to be with other like-minded people, learning, growing, reflecting, and finding balance.  I have a number of those learning and reconnecting opportunities coming up in the next few months.  One is a weeklong writing retreat in Provence, France in May.  Another is an opportunity that I am creating, a T-Group for women of African descent, coming up June 23th-25th.  Click on this link for more information or for an application:

What are you doing to unplug and to reconnect with yourself and with others? Let us know in the comments below.

Kathleen Brown Coaching