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Rarely does someone listen as intently as Kathleen. She helped me to articulate what I really want to do. Our sessions gave me the confidence to move forward, to take my ideas and organize them into an action plan. She drew out the best in me—and I’ve been directing that energy into my work.

– Maria Strom, Illustrator

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Get clarity with an exploratory session.

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action plan.

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Continue on your path with accountability.


T-Group Facilitation & Training

A T-Group is a powerfully effective way to increase a participant’s emotional intelligence and to gain information about her impact on others. Fundamental to the experience are the interpersonal dialogues that occur, the opportunity to give feedback to each other, and receiving candid feedback about one’s impact on other members of the group. It’s a refreshing experience in authenticity, skill building, and self-awareness.

T-Groups highlight the emotional dynamics within a small group setting of 8-10 people. The focus is on being present to what’s happening in the room and for each participant to be present to how they and the group are impacted emotionally by what is happening (or in some instances, by what is not happening). Each participant becomes more aware of and more effective in use of their own personal power.

Although the “T” in T-Group stands for training, what I love most about T-Groups is the TRANSFORMATION that occurs in most people who complete a T-Group experience. Skills acquired include giving and receiving feedback, recognizing and naming emotions in the moment, and increased communication effectiveness, both personally and professionally.

T-Groups occur several times a year and are limited to 8-10 participants at a time.

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Private Coaching

Private Coaching Sessions are focused on you “Being the Woman Who Gets What She Wants.”

In our work together, we choose an outcome to a problem you want to solve or a goal you want to achieve. The focus varies. It can be a need that you have, a challenge in your personal or professional life, a project you want to bring to completion, or a skill you want to acquire. From there, I will design a step-by-step path to your desired outcome.

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