Soul of Coaching


Soul of Coaching

Soul of Coaching is about empowering participants to get in touch with the deepest understand of who they truly are and express this understanding, their unique soul gifts, in their work.

Session overview:

In this experiential online session 'The Soul of Coaching', David Wetton BSc ACA MBA MA will share some key insights on Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence awareness tools, to help coaches develop a greater self-awareness within their coaching practice. Breakthrough tools, which you can use in turn with your coachees, to improve your coaching effectiveness and results.

The tools also work wonderfully in a corporate setting if you mentor, manage or coach staff.

Meet Our Guest Coach

David Wetton - Coaching Connections


David brings a unique blend of corporate, academic and spiritual depth to consulting and coaching.

David is a Faith Based Executive Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Thought Leader and Warwick Business School Alumni Mentor. He offers tailored leadership coaching and consulting, working with groups of executives in transformational organisational workshops.

For David, spiritual means understanding what gives meaning and purpose to life and making a difference to communities of people.


What you’ll Learn:


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Soul of Coaching Zoom Workshop takes place on Jan 10, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Testimonials for Soul of Coaching

‘David Wetton is one of those rare human beings, with an extraordinary depth to his being and his work. When I met him for the first time it was as if my soul "recognized" him. I can't speak highly enough of his work, Soul of Coaching will be an extraordinary training, get there if you can!’

~ Jayne Warrilow, Founder of Coaches Business School, Business & Executive Coach, Best-Selling Author

‘You created a powerful space for reflection that helped me to raise my self-awareness and gain greater levels of clarity - as I’m sure you did for many others. It was an opportunity to reflect on myself as a coach and the people I serve. You brilliantly grounded this in workplace performance, skills/capability development, emotional intelligence theories and practice. The following quote really resonated with me as a Coach “You can only take someone as deep as you’ve been yourself!” Thanks once again David.’

~ Sobia

‘David's sessions are a splendid combination of sharing knowledge with opportunities to reflect in an interactive and experiential manner. Immensely valuable workshop facilitated by David Wetton.’

~ Frances

‘I felt that the session really started to challenge me to give more thought to the coach I believe I am, what drives me in my coaching and what is unique about the way I coach. It was different from sessions I have attended recently in that it went far beyond models, tools and techniques and looked deeper into “the soul” and questions of spirituality which I am not sure I have considered to this extent before. In this regard the session was very powerful. I am grateful to you for creating and presenting something that has continued to stay with me and which I continue to reflect on long after the session.’

~ Elaine

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When: Jan 10, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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