Have you ever experienced it? I am deep in the grip of it, even as I write. I am enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School, completing the 21-Day Master the Money Talk with Leesa Renee Hall, and about to start the introductory work with Susanna Maida re: flourishing in my Soul Centered Business. In the meantime, I still have coaching clients and am about to start work with a new consulting client. I have an abundance of riches. And yet, something is missing.

A colleague said something in a post on Facebook that nails it for me. He wrote that he was

“…realizing how I spend time learning what’s next, instead of using all of me more!”

My colleague’s post reminds me of the importance of balance, in this example, a balance between learning and application. For me, the bridge between learning and application occurs in the moments that I unplug, unplug from the daily routine and take time to integrate.

Being busy is seductive, especially when it is in service to building a business, creating a relationship, or in broad strokes, having a life. But too much of anything can be too much.

I have a small laminated plague hanging from the lamp next to my recliner. Written on the plaque is the word “Breathe…” It serves as a reminder, to stop and take a moment to consciously breathe. And in the conscious breath, in … then out, there is the pause…to reflect, to integrate, and to be.

So I am wondering, am I the only one who wants to enjoy the abundance of riches and maintain balance?  If not, I am wondering what others do in these instances. What methods do you use to stay in balance, or to reclaim your balance?

Another thing that I do is occasionally take a weekend away to be with other like-minded people, learning, growing, reflecting, and finding balance.  This weekend, that will occur for me at the Change the Story of Your Life Retreat: A T-Group for Women of Color. Ahhhh! What a pleasure!

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4 Responses to OVERLOAD!!

  1. Urusa Fahim says:

    Kathleen, your reminder to breathe is very timely for me. Thank you!

    • Sharada Gwen says:

      Kathleen I love your vivid picture via specific shares of your two current learning experiences along with more than active practice:). Both the question posed to others and your response invited pause. The power of awareness of breathing is connected to Pause. For me, it is that space between inhalation and exhalation where doing disappears, dissolves, and peace in being shines. I definitely ‘know’ my temptation for learning overload. Thanks to you & Urusa’s repeat for foregrounding Breath.

  2. Donna says:

    Love this. Love you!

  3. Donna says:

    P.S. “Breathing” is one of my best methods for transitioning to a space of balance and peace. And while I have definitely made a career of being so often out of balance with all of the things I have pursued in life, these days I seek peacefulness, and I make choices that lead me there.

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