Leaving Home


Last fall I ventured out of the box. I flew to Virginia, rented a car and drove from Dulles Airport to Virginia Beach. From there, I drove to Arlington, Virginia, then to Columbia, Maryland and back to Dulles to fly home. Dulles, Virginia Beach, and Arlington are each four hours away from each other. Columbia was over an hour from Arlington and Dulles. I was unfamiliar with the roads, turnpikes, and signage. I was travelling alone. And I had the time of my life. I felt brave, daring, bold, and adventurous.

A few weeks ago I arrived in France, with plans to spend a few days in Paris followed by three weeks in Nice. It was not my original intention to come alone, but plans to travel with a friend fell through and I decided to come anyway. More adventure!

Somewhere along the way, the adventure turned into a desire to drastically shift my outer reality as a backdrop to focusing more internally. From a vacation, the adventure morphed into an inward, spiritual journey. One person remarked, “If it is an internal journey, why not just stay home?” My response to that is if Odysseus had just stayed home, would we still have the Odyssey? Perhaps.

As George Bernard Shaw said,

 Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. 

Finding quiet time at home is always an option.  And for me, deep changes are made in the company of the unfamiliar.  For that, I needed to leave home. And in so doing, recreate myself.

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