Breathing Space

Discover How To Manage Your Energy, Stop Being Reactive, Take Care of Yourself, Feel Calmer, Be Happier… And Have A Successful Career. 

Let Breathing Space give you the tools you need to manage life’s demands so that you can finally enjoy life’s pleasures.

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You’re at the point in your career where you’re not a stranger to hard work. You’ve put in the hours. You’ve been given an amazing promotion. You have the job of your dreams.  And now things are amazing…

Except that they don’t seem that way because you’re constantly freaking out. You’re working way too hard. And you don’t even have time to enjoy the life that you’ve built for yourself.

There never seems to be enough time to take care of YOU, to have time for yourself, to do things that you love, things that you care about. 

You’re tired.

You’re tired of being tired.

You know what you need to do, but getting it done is a struggle. It seems that life and business constantly compete for your attention and leave nothing behind for you to enjoy. 

You secretly daydream of a quiet afternoon at home with a book, where the phone isn’t ringing and email notifications aren’t going off. But you’d settle for a lunch hour where you didn’t have to work.

What if the ease you crave were possible for you right now?


What if you could find a way to be the bad*ss CEO you are and still have a moment to yourself?

If you’re ready for that, then you’re going to want to keep reading, because I’m about to share how it can be possible.

I know you’re busy, so let’s not waste time.  What I’m about to share is perfect for you if you’re ready to make these shifts in your life right now…

  • You’re exhausted. You’re exhausted dealing with everyone else’s stuff.

  • You’re tired of giving your energy to everybody else and barely having enough left over to fall asleep in front of the TV at night.

  • You’re willing to let your guard down, put your cape and your stilettos to the side and honestly face what’s going on with you, to speak honestly about where you are and where you want to be.

  • You’re ready to leave the work phone in your briefcase all night when you get home.

  • You dream of not checking work email during your evenings at home.

  • You’re ready to have fun.

Meet Your Coach

Kathleen Brown, PhD., intuitive coach, author, spiritual teacher and guide.

"You don’t have to wait until something extreme happens in your life for you to make that shift."

Dr. Kathleen Brown

I know what it’s like to constantly over give, to the point where it affects your health and your happiness. I once turned down a promotion, because I knew that if I took it, I would put my health in jeopardy, through overeating, poor food choices, and lack of exercise. I also accepted a promotion that was so stressful, it led to me gaining 40 pounds.  

A critical turning point for me was the passing of my grandmother and mother. I realized I could keep living life the way I was, at the top of my game on the outside, but stressed to the max on the inside. Or I could live life for myself in a way that I felt happy and fulfilled. I had worked hard for my success and I deserved to enjoy it.

What about you? You don’t have to wait until something extreme happens in your life for you to make that shift.

These days, I work with powerful women to help them recognize that they can have it all, that they can have amazing lives and take care of themselves without sacrificing who they are in the process.

I love working with women to help them be happier and to finally live the life that they want, instead of reacting to every crisis and never taking a moment to breathe and just enjoy the experience.

Here’s What You Can Expect

In our work together, you will discover a way to: 

  • Be your number one priority, each and every day, by consciously putting yourself first, at the start of each day and throughout the day. This helps you stay focused and proactive on your goals, assuring a daily sense of accomplishment. 
  • Learn to ask for what you want and have the confidence to get it. As you have successes, the momentum builds and you start to believe in your ability to have what you want.
  • Develop coping skills to better manage when difficult situations reoccur in the future, so that you’re not constantly reacting to every situation. 
  • Go after your goals and also set limits, leading to healthy boundaries and an end to self-sacrificing behavior.
  • Stop reacting to everyone else’s needs. As a result you’ll feel less stressed out and anxious throughout the day, no longer shifting your day based on their priorities. 
  • Be more intentional about the people you spend time with. As you pay attention to who you’re spending your time with, you’ll surround yourself with people who provide support, rather than those who drain your energy.
  • Recognize the patterns that result in your life being the way it is and experience a massive shift in your behavior, so that you become able and willing to put yourself first.
  • Start taking care of yourself emotionally. As you do so, you’ll change the way you care for your body (resulting in healthier eating decisions, exercise, taking the time to look good, etc.). Additionally, you will see changes in yourself mentally and spiritually.

Getting Started



If you’re ready to make these shifts in your life, the first step is to complete an initial self assessment, if you haven’t done so.

Take the Self-Care Assessement


After that, schedule an interview with me, to get more details about what’s included in the Breathing Space Program.

schedule a time to talk

Here is what happens when you work with me

“I just want to first begin with expressing what a wonderful experience I had with the group.  I really feel that I have met women who I will have a life long relationship with and look forward to nurturing those relationships. 

You will be happy to know that I have begun the work of taking care of myself without feelings of guilt. I am also making a conscientious effort to step back to allow others to handle situations that are not necessarily something I need to involve myself with.  Needless to say, this has been challenging but I’m taking small steps. Thank you for a rich and meaningful experience.”  – T

“My growth in working with Kathleen occurred because I was challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone.  I saw things from a broader perspective and heard stories from other group members so unlike my own that I could never have imagined.  I enjoy this kind of learning and seek more of it.” – J

“Radiating from our work together when the walls of protection I have donned for years began to disintegrate. I am so appreciative that you have ‘gone the distance’ with me! I am noticing how I am being in the ‘world’ these days and I feel a sense of ease and comfort.  All is well – one moment at a time.” – C


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