Personal Coaching

When I think of coaching, one of the things I recognize is that in some ways I have always been someone to whom people tell their problems, secrets and dreams. What I do is mostly listen and reflect back what I hear and sometimes give advice if that is wanted.

In 2009, I was looking at the next phase of life and deciding how I want to spend it. As I felt my way into making a decision, coaching continued to pop up as the top choice.  As a consultant I began to emphasize the coaching aspects of my organizational development practice.

Why coaching?  I see coaching as a way for people to talk themselves into being. My role is to hold a space for whatever people are coming with, reflect back what I’m hearing and witness the light of “aha” that turns on for each person as she or he taps into a deeper longing and recognition of who they want to be in the world.

If you are interested in individual or group coaching, please email me at or call (510) 788-4005 to arrange a free, exploratory coaching session.