Nice, France



I am looking out the window of my rented studio, in Nice, France. It’s raining… Hard. Includes thunder and lightning. I like the sight, sound, and smell of it. But it means a change to my plans to spend the afternoon at the Flower Market, walking up and down the stalls and taking in more of the atmosphere of Nice. So what do you do when your best-laid plans need to change? Seems like a good time to put on the kettle for hot lemon water, light the Nag Champa incense and see what arises from within.

This is what arose:

When fishermen can’t fish

They mend their nets.

— Source unknown

It’s not the day I planned, but still a great day for doing the inside things that can be done, like writing in my journal, completing this blog post, curling up with a good book. And when the thunder and lightning subside, going for a leisurely walk in the rain-cleansed air.

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