Scheduled Events

Scheduled Event

Change the Story of Your Life: A T-Group Experience for Women of Color  (click here) 
This weekend T-Group experience is ideally for the woman of color who has had a previous T-Group experience and longs for more. It is for the woman of color who wants an experience of being in community with other women of color, in a space which she can authentically and fully be herself. It is for the woman of color open to giving and receiving honest feedback; experiencing and naming her emotions in the moment; and increasing her effectiveness, personally and professionally.

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  • Mastermind Group – a supportive place for communication, learning, and growth
  • Group Facilitation Skills for Group Leaders
  • Understanding Diversity – a workshop for white people working with diverse populations
  • Diversity Leaders Support Group
  • A T-Group Experience for People of Color


  • Igniting Your Inner Fire and Living a Life You Love -A 3 -week eCourse that includes three weekly lessons, online coaching, a private Facebook discussion group, and a community of fellow explores.  November 17 – December 7, 2014.
  • Black Women Creating Our Own Story, Claiming Our Selves – We are offering the opportunity for a maximum of 12 women of Black African descent to join and work on our individual and collective growth and development, together in community for 6 months. Our time together will include bringing in the sacred and a focus on the Deep Feminine.