What do I really want?  

What feeds me?

What are my dreams?

What keeps me from moving forward?

These questions arrived in an email from Karen Ely, owner of “A Woman’s Way” at

As I read her questions, I began to think about the questions I am asking myself and questions that have come up in conversations with members of my various women’s groups, coaching circles, and with my clients. These questions include:

What am I longing for?

What feeds and sustains me?

What are my dreams?

Who do I need to BE to begin moving in the direction of my dreams?

Most of us are recognizing that in order to even begin to consider the answers to these questions, we need to spend more time just BEING. In particular, we are longing for time to be with ourselves, to contemplate, to do absolutely nothing, other than revel in uncovering and rediscovering the joys of our own company.

For each of us, moving forward in the direction of our dreams necessitates that we actually spend time dreaming. I am taking the month of July to do just that.

What are you doing to move forward in your own process of BEING?


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