Becoming Ourselves

“It could be argued that as people and as artists, we are what we are — however, we also become ourselves, all of ourselves, by having our largeness mirrored back to us.”

— Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way Every Day, February 10, 2009

Maya Angelou, Edith Whitfield Seashore, Angeles Arrien, Joan C. King

Each and all of these women did that mirroring for me. With Joan, every conversation with her began with, “Hello my dear. How are we going to evoke your greatness today?” With Angeles, it was always knowing and recognizing me each time we met after an extended absence. With Edie, it was her happiness in our friendship. She, who was wanted by so many, was happy, even honored to spend time with me. And Maya Angelou, who showed possibility to all young black women in the 1970’s who read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

These women have too soon left my life, leaving a gaping hole that I don’t know can ever be filled. And while I allow myself to pause, to grieve, to experience the inertia that such loss and emptiness brings, I am also anticipating and waiting for the positives, the silver lining in this dark cloud of loss.

In the meantime, I say, “Thank you.” Thank you to Maya Angelou for living your life so fully that you could stand as a beacon to those of us who aspired for something more. Thank you to Angeles for your reminder to walk the spiritual path with practical feet. Thank you to Edie, for your unwavering honesty and directness that embraced and appreciated the same in and from me. And thank you to Joan, coach, mentor, and friend for your willingness to energetically join me in whatever space I was in and patiently reflect my greatness.


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2 Responses to Becoming Ourselves

  1. Urusa Fahim says:

    Kathleen, Thank you for your post honouring Maya Angelou, Angeles Arrien, Edie Seashore and Joan King. All of these women are phenomenal. They may not be with us physically but their words and actions continue to inspire me and evoke in me the desire to be more than I imagine myself to be, to rise to greatness, and to be Fully Me.

  2. Sharada says:

    Kathleen, deep appreciation for your posting and bringing forth remembrance of these four phenomenal women Edie, Angeles, Maya, and Joan. Three of them I had in my life over time also on a professional/personal level, the fourth could never have entered my life without your generous nature. They loom large and remain as friends, mentors, colleagues, and close to my heart invoking daily actions of self reflections and growth. For me I will add Ruby Dee, who like the other four, met one as if she had known your always: Exemplars of Fully You.

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